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Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Dry Eye Syndrome can be a result of: poor tear film quality, reduced tear film production associated with aging, and a side effect of medications taken commonly for high blood pressure, allergies, and hormone replacement as well as other medical conditions. It can also be due to poor eyelid structure or function resulting in an inadequate distribution of tear volume across the eye’s surface.

Diagnostic testing is performed to determine the etiology and extent of dry eye conditions. Treatment options are discussed ranging from regular use of ocular lubricants in mild cases to punctal occlusion therapy in more moderate to severe cases.

Punctal occlusion involves the placement of collagen or silicone plugs into the tear ducts to reduce tear drainage from the eye. This will maintain a higher tear volume at the eye surface to improve patient symptoms and ocular health. Dry eyes can result in contact lens intolerance, increased risk of infection, and in severe cases, surface scarring which can lead to a permanent reduction or loss of vision.

If you think you may suffer from dry eyes or for more information, please call to schedule an evaluation to determine the cause and extent of the problem.