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Essilor Visioffice

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Visioffice is the first and only universal measuring system that allows Central Ohio Eyecare to obtain every possible parameter needed for today’s individualized, high-definition lenses. Only the Visioffice system measures a revolutionary new parameter — the Eye Rotation Center, which is the 3D position of the eye. This allows us to fit you with Essilor’s newest HD custom Eyecode lenses.

Eyecode lenses are built on three levels of personalization. The first is the Eye Rotation Center (ERC), as mentioned above. The ERC is a critical parameter that is unique to each person and to each eye. The second level of personalization incorporates frame dimensions. This is critical to guarantee outstanding visual performance. Eyecode lenses
are personalized to account for how the lenses will be positioned in front of the wearer’s eye. The third level is behavioral data. Natural head posture is unique to every wearer and can vary widely, impacting lens performance. Combining the real 3D position of the ERC and the natural head posture provides the best visual quality in each gaze direction. With eyecode lenses, you get the most precise vision possible, no matter where you look through the lens — instantly and effortlessly.

Exclusive eyecode™ products – only available with the Visioffice System and at Central Ohio Eyecare:
• Varilux Physio Enhanced eyecode™ – The first individualized lens design that delivers exceptional
comfort, sharpness and visual clarity based on the visual behavior of
the patient. Visioffice individualizes the Varilux Physio Enhanced™
progressive addition lens design to your physiology by measuring the
eye rotation center and natural head posture.
• Essilor eyecode™ Single Vision – Individualized lens for non-bifocal wearers that delivers HD optics.


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